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puaList Class Reference

#include <puAux.h>

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Detailed Description

A scrolling list for PUI.

Believe it or not, PUI does not have one of these.

This widget consists of a puListBox, a slider and two arrow buttons. This makes the ListBox scrollable, very handy if the box is too small to show all items at once.

(Original code taken from FlightGear 0.9.6 sources, modified by Jan Reucker)

Definition at line 887 of file puAux.h.

Public Member Functions

void activate (void)
virtual void add (puObject *new_object)
int checkHit (int button, int updown, int x, int y)
int checkKey (int key, int updown)
virtual void close (void)
void clrValue (void)
void defaultValue (void)
void draw (int dx, int dy)
virtual void empty (void)
puBox * getABox (void) const
void getAbsolutePosition (int *x, int *y) const
int getActiveButton (void) const
puCallback getActiveCallback (void) const
int getActiveDirn (void) const
puBox * getBBox (void) const
virtual bool getBooleanValue (void)
int getBorderThickness (void) const
puCallback getCallback (void) const
virtual char getCharValue (void)
void getColor (int which, float *r, float *g, float *b, float *a=NULL) const
void getColour (int which, float *r, float *g, float *b, float *a=NULL) const
float getDefaultFloatValue (void)
int getDefaultIntegerValue (void)
char * getDefaultStringValue (void)
int getDefaultValue (void)
void getDefaultValue (char *s)
void getDefaultValue (char **s)
void getDefaultValue (float *f)
void getDefaultValue (int *i)
puCallback getDownCallback (void) const
puObject * getFirstChild (void) const
int getFloating (void) const
virtual float getFloatValue (void)
virtual int getIntegerValue ()
const char * getLabel (void) const
puFont getLabelFont (void) const
int getLabelPlace (void) const
puObject * getLastChild (void) const
const char * getLegend (void) const
puFont getLegendFont (void) const
int getLegendPlace (void) const
puObject * getNextObject (void) const
int getNumChildren (void) const
int getNumItems (void) const
int getNumVisible (void) const
puGroup * getParent (void) const
void getPosition (int *x, int *y) const
puObject * getPrevObject (void) const
puRenderCallback getRenderCallback (void) const
void * getRenderCallbackData (void) const
void getSize (int *w, int *h) const
virtual char * getStringValue ()
int getStyle (void) const
int getTopItem (void) const
int getType (void) const
ulRTTItypeid getTypeInfo (void) const
const char * getTypeString (void) const
void * getUserData (void) const
int getValue (void)
void getValue (bool *b)
void getValue (char *s)
void getValue (char *s, int size)
void getValue (float *f)
virtual void getValue (int *i)
virtual void getValue (char **ps)
int getVStatus (void) const
short getWhenToDeactivate (void) const
int getWindow (void) const
void greyOut (void)
void hide (void)
void highlight (void)
void invokeActiveCallback (void)
void invokeCallback (void)
virtual void invokeDownCallback (void)
void invokeRenderCallback (int dx, int dy)
int isActive (void) const
int isHighlighted (void) const
virtual int isHit (int x, int y) const
int isReturnDefault (void) const
int isVisible (void) const
void lowlight (void)
void makeReturnDefault (int def)
virtual void newList (char **contents)
 puaList (int x, int y, int w, int h, short transparent, char **contents, int sl_width=20)
 puaList (int x, int y, int w, int h, short transparent, int sl_width=20)
 puaList (int x, int y, int w, int h, char **contents, int sl_width=20)
 puaList (int x, int y, int w, int h, int sl_width=20)
void recalc_bbox (void)
virtual void remove (puObject *old_object)
void reveal (void)
void setActiveButton (int b)
void setActiveCallback (puCallback c)
void setActiveDirn (int e)
void setBorderThickness (int t)
void setCallback (puCallback c)
void setChildBorderThickness (int childs, int t, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildColor (int childs, int which, float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildColorScheme (int childs, float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildColour (int childs, int which, float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildColourScheme (int childs, float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildLabelFont (int childs, puFont f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildLegendFont (int childs, puFont f, int recursive=FALSE)
void setChildStyle (int childs, int which, int recursive=FALSE)
void setColor (int which, float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f)
void setColorScheme (float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f)
virtual void setColour (int which, float r, float g, float b, float a)
virtual void setColourScheme (float r, float g, float b, float a)
void setDefaultValue (const char *s)
void setDefaultValue (float f)
void setDefaultValue (int i)
void setDownCallback (puCallback c)
void setFloating (int value)
void setLabel (const char *l)
void setLabelFont (puFont f)
void setLabelPlace (int lp)
void setLegend (const char *l)
void setLegendFont (puFont f)
void setLegendPlace (int lp)
void setNextObject (puObject *obj)
void setParent (puGroup *p)
virtual void setPosition (int x, int y)
void setPrevObject (puObject *obj)
void setRenderCallback (puRenderCallback c, void *d=NULL)
virtual void setSize (int w, int h)
void setStyle (int which)
void setTopItem (int item_index)
void setUserData (void *data)
void setValuator (char *s)
void setValuator (bool *b)
void setValuator (char *s, int size)
void setValuator (float *f)
void setValuator (int *i)
virtual void setValue (bool b)
virtual void setValue (const char *s)
virtual void setValue (float f)
virtual void setValue (int i)
virtual void setValue (puValue *pv)
void setVStatus (int vstat)
void setWhenToDeactivate (short d)
void setWindow (int w)

Public Attributes

puObject * next
puObject * prev

Protected Member Functions

int conversionEnabled (void) const
void copy_stringval (const char *str)
void disableConversion (void)
void doHit (int button, int updown, int x, int y)
virtual void draw_label (int dx, int dy)
virtual void draw_legend (int dx, int dy)
void enableConversion (void)
bool * getBooleanp (void)
float * getFloaterp (void)
int * getIntegerp (void)
char * getStringp (void)
virtual void init (int w, int h, short transparent)
void re_eval (void)
void update_res (void) const

Protected Attributes

puListBox * _list_box
puBox abox
int active
puCallback active_cb
int active_mouse_button
int active_mouse_edge
int am_default
puBox bbox
bool boolean
int border_thickness
puCallback cb
puColour colour [PUCOL_MAX]
int convert
puValue default_value
puObject * dlist
puCallback down_cb
float floater
int floating
int highlighted
int integer
const char * label
puFont labelFont
int labelPlace
const char * legend
puFont legendFont
int legendPlace
int mouse_active
int mouse_x
int mouse_y
int num_children
puGroup * parent
puRenderCallback r_cb
void * render_data
bool * res_bool
float * res_floater
int * res_integer
char * res_string
int res_string_sz
char * string
int string_size
int style
int type
void * user_data
int v_status
int visible
short when_to_deactivate
int window

Private Attributes

UL_TYPE_DATA char ** _contents
puArrowButton * _down_arrow
puFrame * _frame
int _height
puSlider * _slider
int _style
int _sw
puArrowButton * _up_arrow
int _width

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